About Patty Hartmann

Patty understands the importance of listening to the people who live in this City.  

 As a resident of St. Paul's Ward 3 for more than 40 years, Patty has seen our City's livability dramatically deteriorate.  She knows that our City needs to refocus its priorities, restore public safety, and bring back a more efficient delivery of our basic services.

This campaign is a continuation of the effort started four years ago.  Our ward needs someone who doesn't simply rubber stamp development that favors special interests. 

Listening to what the residents want

The City's decision to build a bicycle trail on Summit Avenue, despite the overwhelming opposition voiced by its residents, shows how the policies favor small interests at the expense  of the great majority of our residents.  The Save Our Streets issue exemplifies the lack of any authentic community engagement. Patty would like to change that process to one that is more inclusive and truly collaborative with our residents.  

Our City's resources include a vast network of human capital -people who possess a variety of perspectives that should be consulted well before decisions are made.  We need to support public dialogue and true debate. 

Patty looks forward to working with our current administration, while showing our residents that what they say will be heard and make a difference.  

An Attorney and a Volunteer

Patty has been employed as an attorney in private practice, helping people to resolve conflicts.  She understands the need for investigation and critical analysis, before undertaking any proposed solution.

She has been a volunteer with the Macalester Groveland Community Council for more than 15 years, and most recently served as a member of its Board of Directors.  She is also on the Board of Directors of the Neighborhood Network for Seniors, a non-profit that seeks to support our community's senior residents.  

Patty is a parent with an adult daughter who grew up in St. Paul.  She is also a graduate of Hamline University and William Mitchell College of Law.

Campaign Press Release