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Community Involvement

Referendum on City Ordinance

In 2018 I helped to organize a group of St. Paul residents who challenged the city of St. Paul's organized trash collection program. That involved collecting signatures from almost 6000 residents needed to put the City's new trash ordinance up for a vote by the residents.

Despite obtaining the signatures that we needed, the City refused to put the matter on the ballot. This forced us to sue the City. Our lawsuit ended up in the Minnesota Supreme Court, where our right to put the matter on the ballot was upheld.

Minnesota State Capitol

Campaign Election Office

St. Paul City Council Race

In large part due to my involvement with the trash petition, I ran for city council in 2019 and 2023. I did not win, but in 2019 I obtained the third highest vote total of 21 candidates running for office.

Patty Hartmann